Online Booking

With the help of our Zak rent a car service you can now easily rent any car of your choice for your travelling needs. From Suzukis, Toyotas, BMWs to Hondas, we deal with all the renowned car name brands thus providing you a lot of options to choose from. Whether you want to go somewhere within the city or want to travel out of station, our car rental services are there to provide you with the most smooth and comfortable travelling experience.

Cities We Cover

We provide our rental services in five main cities of Pakistan namely Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi, Peshawar and Faisalabad. If you are looking to plan a trip with your friends or family and need a comfortable car for the trip, Zak car rentals is the place from where you can book the car at anytime at the most affordable rate.

Booking Process

Through our online booking form, all you need to do is to send in all your regular personal details such as name, email and phone number as well as select your favorite car brand and your location to get your car successfully booked from our side. You also have to mention your pick up as well as pick off date through our booking form.

You can hire our car for as short or long period as you want. Rather than physically visiting our office, you can book the car through our simple online booking form. Thus, the online process of booking not only saves your time but also provides you with the feasibility of booking your car at anytime from anywhere as our car rental service remains active 24/7. We at Zak Car Rentals have got the most affordable car rental rates to make it affordable for everyone of you, even if you are on a budget. This is one reason why our services are popular amongst a lot of people who are regular travelers and need rental services on a frequent basis.

Ask for Quote

If you have any confusion in your mind related to our car rental services then please feel free to send in your call at 0123 456 7890 or write an email at our official email address to get your queries answered straight away.